Range Safety

1) Do not load weapons unless on the firing line.
2) Do not violate the 180 rule, never point a weapon up range.
3) Ensure that your target(s) are safe to shoot.
4) Do not place targets on the berms and do not place targets in a
position that could cause shots to go over the berms.
5) Do not handle weapons for any reason while others are down range.
6) Red flags are used on the rifle bays. When the red flag is displayed in
front of the firing line all weapons should be cleared and the handling
of weapons for any reason is prohibited.
7) In addition to flags “cold range, hot range” commands are used. Prior
to any person going down range the cold range command shall be
given. All persons on the firing line shall clear their weapons and
weapons may not be handled until the hot range command is given.
The hot range command can not be given until all persons are behind
the firing line.
8) The “cease fire” command can be used by any person who observes
a safety issue. The cease fire command is an immediate stop on the
firing line.