CCW Classes and Locations

Next CCW Class Date: Saturday May 25, 2024

The Stillwater Firearms Club conducts CCW training classes at the Churchill County Fairgrounds Multi Purpose building at 325 Scheckler Road,  Room 225, in Fallon. This training complies with NRS Chapter 202 requirements to obtain a Nevada CCW permit.    Stillwater Firearms CCW classes allow you to optionally obtain a Utah Non-Resident CCW,  which allows you to carry legally in more states than a Nevada CCW permit alone.

The course consists of classroom instruction, a written proficiency test, and a live-fire qualification segment.  Please note: This class is NOT a basic firearms handling/safety course of instruction; you MUST Demonstrate safe and competent firearm handling skills in order to pass.

Classes begin at 8:00 AM and conclude at 4:00 pm, with check-in starting at 7:30.  Registration is highly recommended by calling 775-750-3373.

Note: Effective October 1, 2013, Qualifying with either a semi-auto or a revolver makes you eligible to carry any semi-auto or revolver.

Course Requirements

Mandatory:  DEMONSTRATE SAFE AND COMPETENT FIREARM HANDLING SKILLS.  And: a.) 30 rounds of Factory Produced Ammunition for your firearm.  b. ) Strong Side Holster, NO shoulder or cross draw holsters allowed. c.) Eye and Ear protection required on the range.

Highly Recommended: a.) Speedloaders (for revolvers) or spare magazines (for autoloaders);  b.) Appropriate dress for the weather;   c.) Extra ammunition.

Note: Only Factory produced ammunition is allowed for this course.

Fee Schedule:

Initial Nevada Training : $60  -  Initial Utah Training: $60

Renew NV & Initial UT Combined Carry: $80  - Initial Training NV & UT Combined Carry: $100

Renewal Training Only NV: $40  

Cash or Check only - No Credit Cards Accepted.

Please do not bring your firearm or ammo to the classroom training.  Please make sure your firearm is completely unloaded when you arrive at the SFA range for qualification.  (Note: your firearm should not have a magazine loaded either.)  People have been turned away from qualification at the range for failing to follow this simple instruction.

You will be directed when to load your firearm, which is only at the firing line under the supervision of a Range Safety Observer.  This is for the safety of all concerned  (both class members and SFA Range Safety Observers.)  Safety in gun handling is our number one priority, and we take this responsibility seriously. 

Consult the SFA Match & Activty Schedule for the next CCW Class Date. 

For further information about the CCW Classes, please contact Jess Dushane at 775-750-3373.