Gun Owners of America

In wake of Election Day:
Multiple challenges &
opportunities lay ahead for our gun rights

“I want to thank Gun Owners of America for coming
into my district twice. Their involvement helped educate gun owners as to who
the real pro-gun candidate was in this very close race.”
-- Rep.-elect
Keith Rothfus (R-PA)

There is no doubt. Gun rights will come under
attack in the next four years.

The President who said that he was
pursuing gun control proposals “under the radar” during his first term can now
come out of the closet. Just as Barack Obama told outgoing Russian President
Dmitry Medvedev that he would have more “flexibility” after the election, we can
expect an emboldened White House to pursue a UN gun control treaty … more gun
owner registration … more Executive Orders designed to limit our rights … more
anti-gun Supreme Court Justices, etc.

Sadly, Harry Reid is going to
remain the Majority Leader of the Senate. We realized that it was an uphill
battle to take the gavel out of Reid’s hands, but it was an important fight if
we were going to stop the onslaught of future anti-gun judicial picks. And while
we lost some heartbreaking races, there are some things to cheer about.

First, we did get three new pro-gun Senators elected: Ted Cruz in Texas,
Deb Fischer in Nebraska and Jeff Flake in Arizona. The Cruz race in Texas was
especially contentious during the primary, and GOA got involved early to help
push Cruz over the finish line.

While many other pro-gun Senators also
retained their seats, gun owners will find several new friendly faces in the

* Steve Stockman, who was perhaps the most aggressively pro-gun
Representative in the 1990s, will return to Congress with a 70% mandate from his
Texas district. Even if you don’t live in the Lone Star State, Steve Stockman
will represent you by fiercely fighting for your Second Amendment rights. GOA
helped push Stockman, who was an underdog in his primary, over the hump in July.
His victory yesterday may well be the number one pick-up for gun rights in this

* Another key victory for gun owners is Keith Rothfus, who
knocked off a “Blue Dog” compromiser in western Pennsylvania. There was
tremendous confusion in this race since another gun group had endorsed his
opponent. So GOA made multiple trips into the district to help gun owners see
that Rothfus was the real pro-gun candidate in the contest. Happily, Rothfus
will be joining the new freshmen class in January.

* In addition to
Rothfus in Pennsylvania, GOA helped make distinctions in several other races --
between real, pro-gun candidates and those who merely feign support for gun
rights. Notable examples of “Blue Dog” compromisers who lost their jobs occurred
in North Carolina and Kentucky, where Richard Hudson and Andy Barr emerged

* GOA also heavily backed Jackie Walorski in Indiana. As a
state representative, she was a fierce defender of individual liberty and was
even willing to take on members of her own party in defense of the Constitution.
She will be a welcome addition in this next Congress.

* While gun owners
lost a squeaker in the Montana Senate, the pro-gun Steve Daines won the open
House seat. He replaces Denny Rehberg who failed narrowly to unseat “F” rated
Senator Jon Tester (D).

* GOA also helped “A” rated Tom Cotton win a
very contentious primary in the 4th District of Arkansas. He went on to thump
his opponent in the general election last night, collecting almost 60% of the

* Across the nation, Gun Owners of America was able to assist
several freshman Congressmen who were on the “endangered list.” Examples include
Reps. Justin Amash of Michigan and Steve Southerland in Florida who are both “A”
rated by GOA.

While the challenges are obvious, GOA will continue to
fight for your gun rights in this next Congress.

By using guerilla-style
tactics, GOA was actually able to work with Congressmen to REPEAL gun control
laws like the Amtrak and National Parks bans during the Obama administration.
No, Obama didn’t support these repeals, but we were able to get these repeals
inserted into “must pass” bills which Obama couldn’t afford to veto.

This is the type of political warfare that we will be fighting for the
next four years. And now, we have fresh troops reporting for duty in January who
are ready and willing to fight.

So please stand with GOA and help us to
have the resources we need to fight these battles and to create opportunities to
push a pro-gun agenda.


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